The academy of talents

Die Hochschulen für Film und Fernsehen/HFF sowie für Musik und Theater München/HMTM werden Partner der TUM: Junge Akademie und entsenden ihre Präsidenten Prof. Reitz und Prof. Redmann in das Advisory Board!
TUM: Junge Akademie as initiator of the "Boulder-Ei"-idea is named @campus Garching!
250 refugees takes part in the auditor programm@TUM this winter term 16/17
27.10.2016 - Advisory Board of the TUM: Junge Akademie

TUM: Junge Akademie is the TUM's scholarship programme for exceptionally talented and dedicated students.

It is not self-evident that people take over responsibility for their own personal development or their plans, because the scope to develop and carry out an initial idea from start to finish is often limited. This I where the TUM: Junge Akademie can help, by providing dedicated students with an individual scope for development on their way to reach positions of responsibility in our modern society. Among other things, the support initiative aims to confront the most promising students with open and particularly difficult problems at an early stage in order to teach them how to solve such issues.

Right from the beginning, the participants are involved in a vibrant network consisting of alumni of the academy, members of both the active professors and the TUM Emeriti of Excellence as well as the young researchers. There are exclusive workshops and cultural events as well as financial resources to implement project ideas and to facilitate comprehensive measures of training and personal development beyond the respective fields of study.

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