In the first year of membership, the activities focus on the development and implementation of a project. The interdisciplinary-oriented topics will be proposed by the members themselves. The team members contribute their personal skills to the project work and strive to broaden these skills continuously. The project groups are required to develop solutions independently. They can benefit from professional and personal assistance provided by the mentors (active or retired professors) and the tutors.

The one-year projects have a high practical relevance. The group members contribute their individual expertise and strive to broaden their experience by means of workshops and seminars. They acquire interdisciplinary skills and strengthen their "soft skills".

Project topics of current teams

Projects 17/IProjects 17/II
Muc.Me (Info)Frammersion (Info)
Summer of Diversity (Info)ClusterME! (Info)
ScienceStreet (Info)ScieCom (Info)
matchBOX (Info)SchachLeak (Info)
PIA (Info)


The project groups are expected to report on the status quo of their project during two interim evaluations in the course of an academic year. Here, the members of the Advisory Board and the TUM: Junge Akademie will give feedback. The official presentation of the projects is part of the annual conference at the beginning of each winter semester.

Project Reports 2014/2015

Project Reports 2013/2014

The results of the various projects and other activities within the TUM: Junge Akademie are collected and presented in a project-yearbook at the end of each project year.